Mothers building back better
“The pandemic has shown us who is doing the work that really matters: nurses, teachers, care workers. As we recover, we need to remember this. It is time to end the inequities of unpaid care work and create new economic models that work for everyone.”
Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General
Virtual townhall meeting with civil society, August 2020
MMM President Anne-Claire de Liedekerke reflects on the timely words of the UN Secretary General, but adds the key missing component: MOTHERS, stressing the important role they are playing alongside fathers, teachers, nurses and care workers, in keeping their children, families and communities together.
As we try to recover and look ahead, Anne-Claire’s call to action is clear:
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Building a new caring economic model
In July this year, MMM was proud to host a webinar "Care and Education - Cornerstones of sustainable and just economies". As an official side-event organizer at the UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF 2020), MMM aimed at contributing to the current discussions on ‘building back better’ post COVID-19, by making the case for a decisive shift in our economic thinking.
The discussion, which was supported by economic influencers and disruptors including feminist economists Nancy Folbre and Susan Himmelweit, highlighted the urgent need for governments to be called upon to action. The pandemic and its economic devastation offers a unique opportunity to “build back better” - by prioritizing Care for wellbeing, sustainability and equity - with mothers as key actors.
Read the event report
Our members building back better
We are delighted to pay homage to the creativity, courage and resilience of our members during this continuing pandemic. Our video series MMM Voices spoke to many of our grassroots members around the world to see how their organisations were helping communities and individuals to face the unprecedented challenges posed by the crisis. Here we have collated some of their views about what building back better means for them.
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Building back together
The pandemic hasn’t been all bad news. During these trying times, we have seen that the topic of care and education and the importance of both in securing a better future has been at the centre of countless debates and discussions. It is clear that we are part of a much bigger movement, sharing the space with other like-minded organisations. Here is a look at some of the initiatives, campaigns and partnerships we have aligned ourselves with. We urge you to support their efforts because collectively, we can ensure we achieve what the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr Tedros Adhanom voiced: “Throughout history, outbreaks and pandemics have changed economies & societies. COVID-19 is no different, but it gives us a once-in-a-century opportunity to shape the world our children will inherit”.
Our Alliances
ECDAN's call for action: to protect and support young children and their caregivers
• UNESCO’s return to school campaign: #LearningNeverStop 
Wellbeing Economy Alliance for systemic changes in our Economy
EU alliance for investing in children: sustainable Europe 2020 strategy
• Rise-up PPD Cost action: researching impact of Covid-19 on maternal mental health
Solidarity with Lebanon as it rebuilds
COVID-19 has thrown many lives and communities into disarray around the world, with fragile infrastructures most at risk of collapse. Lebanon had already experienced its fair share of suffering when came the devastating Beirut explosion on August 4th, which brought the country to its knees. We stand in solidarity with MMM Lebanon and our ECPC partner ANECD  working directly with children and families in Beirut.
Help us help mothers to build a better tomorrow
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